10 Gifts Inspired by 80s

The latest Netflix’s sci-fi thriller “Stranger Things” has left many feeling nostalgic and brought back the good ‘ol feelings of the 1980’s. It truly was a special time. The hair, the clothes and the music all helped to make that decade totally gnarly. Bring back 80’s memories with these awesome gifts reminiscent of that time:

1. 1980’s Retro Candy Gift Box (£9.99)

You still have a sweet tooth don’t you? Go candy crazy and relive your sweet childhood memories with this Retro Candy Gift Basket. It’s loaded with a unique selection of retro candies from the 80’s. Don’t indulge alone, grab a friend and share not only candy, but your stories from yesteryear.

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2. Mix tape USB (£15.96)

by Suck UK

Come on. I know you still remember trying to compile your favorite jams on a cassette. Now with digital music players, the thought of using cassette tapes sounds absurd. BUT just think how cool it would be to share a mixtape with your friends(or special someone) filled with the music they loved from the 80’s.The USB Mixtape mixes a little old and new school and allows you to record your favorite songs with ease. Simply place the 1 GB memory stick into a cardboard retro and compile a personalized gift.

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3.Gremlins Bobble Head (£39.99)


This adorable bobble head doll will bring the leader of the evil Gremlins to you. It will wow you with its intricate details and color. It’s hand painted and made of resin to give you a natural look and feel.

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4. Retro hot dog toaster ($15.79)

by Smart

Make your favorite snack with ease. The retro hot dog toaster with adjustable heat settings allows you to do just that. It cooks two hot dogs and toast two buns at a time and comes with mini tongs for removing hot dogs. Your palate awaits.

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5. June 1980 Playboy Magazine — Vintage 80s (£9.99)

by Playboy

Let this June 1980 edition of playboy magazine take you back into the 80’s and get acquainted  with crème de la crème of the gone decade.  Some interesting thoughts and articles about life might just fascinate as you take this journey back in time.

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6. Guitar Hero Encore: Rocks the 80’s – PlayStation 2 (£44.28)

by Playstation2

The Guitar Hero is a perfect embodiment of the 1980’s music scene: fresh attitudes, big hair and tight clothes. Recreate the moment by playing insanely amazing songs from the 80’s with guitar hero characters.

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7. Dungeon Fantasy TSR 1980 Board Game (£29.95 )

Dungeons and Dragons fans will love this board game. The game first released in 1981 is a true collectors item. This game is basic and doesn’t have as many rules as later versions, but still maintains the excitement and intrigue. Spice up your life with this timeless game.

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8. The 80’s Game (£63.50 )

by Start Space

Test your 80’s knowledge about movies, music, sports and much more.This game is guaranteed to take you down memory lane and have you laughing with friends as you go through the nuances of that era.

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9. British Music Videos (£28.69)


A nice compilation of the best music videos from the 1980’s. Bust a move and bring back memories as you listen and watch your favorite artistes.

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10. E.T. Hand Glove With Lighted LED Finger (£26.95)


Do you remember when you first watched E.T? We all fell in love with the alien from outer space. Get this sturdily built wearable replica of E.T’s hand. The index finger lights up when pressed just like in the movie. This is a great collectors item for all the E.T fanatics!

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