8 Gift Ideas for Movie Lovers

We all have that friend—that friend who sees every new flick as soon as it’s out, who forms nuanced and critical reviews, who quotes movie lines like nobody’s business. Now that Blockbuster gift cards are no longer an option, what’s an acceptable gift?! We’ve got you covered.

Here are eight gift ideas, suitable for simple birthday celebrations to more elegant affairs. Your film-lover is sure to use and adore their practical, personal, and premium gift!

Movie Night Blanket

 1. I Wanna Cuddle And Watch Scary Movies Blanket
Time to get your snuggle on. If your special someone enjoys thrillers and horrors, you know they’d love a movie night with you, cuddled in a blanket just for them! Made with a poly-fleece blend, the white text is printed on black; the reverse side is neutral white. This generously sized 50×60 inch blanket will keep you both safe from ghosts, aliens, and Norman Bates.

Movie Geek Trivia Game

2. Anthropology Movie Geek Trivia Game
Turn movie night into a study night with this sidesplitting trivia game! Test your knowledge of well-known actors and their blockbuster hits with colorful, Picasso-like portrait cards. Game includes box, cards, and scorepad. A great gift for someone who might be stuck at home, because there’s still fun to be had!

Movie Popcorn Maker

3. Williams Sonoma Whirley Stainless-Steel Induction Popcorn Maker
Ditch the fake microwave popcorn for AUTHENTIC cooking! The unique and patented stirring system keeps the popcorn moving to avoid its fusing or burning. Simply pour the appropriate quantity of popcorn kernels and oil into the pot, then stir with the hardwood handle while it cooks. Prepare up to 6 quarts of popcorn in just a few minutes. The long-lasting stainless-steel works well on all stovetops and handwashes easily. A good film deserves popcorn as it should be, fluffy, crunchy, and not burnt 🙂

Movie Night Snack Bowl

4. Personalized Movie Night Snack Bowl
A quality, practical gift perfect for couples and families. Their name (or whatever text you’d like) is printed on the side within a cute spotlight and popcorn graphic. This 5″ H x 10.5″ diameter, 100% ceramic bowl is sturdy and durable, a great gift for bridal showers and holidays. Give your loved ones their new individualized, go-to popcorn bowl!

Film Cocktails Book

5. Cocktails of the Movies: An Illustrated Guide to Cinematic Mixology
For anyone who wants to experience the glitz and glamour of movie stars, by mixing the very drinks in their hit films! Featuring mixes from Casablanca to Crazy Stupid Love, you’ll get a taste of decades of Hollywood cocktails. With over 50 easy recipes, there will always be something special to serve at parties or home movie nights. Remember this gift for the cocktail-lovin’ film buff.

Film Knowledge Game

6. Cinephile: A Card Game
The new favorite of party games! Designed with three different levels, Cinephile is accessible to both young grasshoppers and Jedis of motion picture knowledge. It offers several games played with the same set of cards, and includes a variety of film and pop culture figures and affairs. Reviewers praise this card game’s stunning presentation and distinctive portraits. Developed by two career film artists in LA, the Cinephile collection and develops fun and exquisite games, books, and attire for movie fanatics. For the most hardcore of experts, check out the Cinephile Super Deluxe Bundle version!

Scratch Off List

7. Enno Vatti 100 Movies Scratch Off Poster – Top Films of All Time Bucket List
A beautiful, premium print for those who treasure every last hit. Featuring 100 scratch-off squares with corresponding films; once you’ve seen the movie, scratch off the box to reveal the unique artwork underneath. The 5 x 23.4-inch poster fits an A2 size frame, and could easily compliment a den or media room with its sleek black design. Enno Vatti is a trusted source of quality posters and gifts, so can expect a beautiful print for your beloved movie buff.

Eat What You Watch Cook Book

8. Eat What You Watch Cookbook
Sometimes watching the flick isn’t enough, and you need to taste the experience after you’ve seen it! Andrew Rea (of ‘Binging with Babish) brings you Hollywood’s most iconic cuisine, yummy dishes made famous by famous films. Cook up some Ratatouille from Pixar’s Ratatouille, or Butterbeer courtesy of Harry Potter! Each recipe also includes the film, scene, and context of the dish. A fantastic gift for chefs who love movies, or movie buffs who love to cook.

Come their birthday or the holidays, shower honor your movie lover with one of these fantastic gifts. They’ll appreciate your fun and functional present for years to come!

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