The Best Skincare Appliances You’ve Never Heard of

Do you ever get fed up with run-of-the-mill skincare? Have you ever found yourself let down by the standard cleanser, moisturizer, and occasional mask?

We’ve all been there. Luckily, there is more out there than what you’ll find at a drugstore, and like many beauty-queens, you could also be amazed by their stunning results! We’ve selected five unique products that take a health-driven, inside-out approach to facial skincare. Read on to see how these hidden gems can easily (and affordably!) fit into your skincare regime.

Face Gym Yoga Ball

1. Face Gym’s Face Ball

We’re careful to tone our arms, legs, and abs—why do we leave out the muscles in our face? A major culprit of sagging skin is the atrophy of muscles in the face and neck—which, unlike inevitable aging, you can correct! Face Gym’s Face Ball awakens, stretches, and shapes muscles to contour the face. It soothes facial tension and promotes healthy lymphatic drainage around the jaw and neck. Face Gym designed specific exercises for the Face ball, which include gentle pulses, rolls, and applications of pressure. Add the Face Ball to your beauty routine to relieve tension, improve lymphatic flow, and tone the face muscles. You’ll be amazed by the resulting shape and lift!

Face Gym offers its own line of skincare and facial exercise products, designed to provide a “non-invasive workout for the face”.

Rose Quartz Sonic Face Wand Lux Skin Care

2. LUX SKIN® Rose Quartz Sonic Face Wand

Be your own fairy godmother with this top-rated magic wand! The Rose Quartz Sonic Face Wand massages the face with gentle vibrations, boosting blood circulation to reveal an instant glow. Use the wand with a LUX SKIN serum or your own cleanser or moisturizer to enhance its absorption into the skin. Consistent use revitalizes collagen growth for increased elasticity and improved hydration. Most users see visible results after only 1-2 weeks of regular use, and even more dramatic results after 3-4 weeks. For firmer, smoother, clearer skin, treat yourself to a wand!

LUX SKIN is dedicated to skincare products and tools that are both effective and affordable. The wand is waterproof, easy to clean, and only requires one AA battery (not included). Rated 4.8/5, based on 70 reviews.

Face Rollers Herbivore Botanicals Stacked Skin Care

3. Cooling Rollers

StackedSkinCare® Cryotherapy Ice Roller On groggy mornings, this Ice Roller provides a soothing pick-me-up, leaving your skin brightened, glowing, and ready for the day. Gently roll along the face and neck to relieve inflammation, puffiness, and redness. Simply wipe with a clean towel and store in your freezer so it’s ready for tomorrow. Made with a stainless-steel barrel and filled with water and gel, the Cryotherapy Ice Roller is perfect for calming irritated or puffy skin.

Herbivore Jade De-Puffing Face Roller Roll that stress right out the door! Use the De-Puffing Face Roller to gently massage the skin, alleviating tension and promoting lymphatic detoxification. Used with your favorite facial oil, it aids its absorption into the skin, while enhancing elasticity and diminishing the appearance of fine lines. Store in your refrigerator for next use. Dated back to 7th century China, this skincare instrument has truly stood the test of time.

Rose Quartz Gua Sha Skin Care

4. Skin Gym Rose Quartz Crystal Sculpty Heart Gua Sha Tool

The Gua Sha Tool is your easy, go-to means to a naturally contoured, shapely face. Used with your favorite oil, the Gua Sha Tool massages the face to yield firm and glowing skin with regular use. The specially designed strokes facilitate lymphatic drainage through the face and neck. This tool is just one of many of Skin Gym’s non-invasive devices, which take inspiration from “ancient beauty techniques to provide modern beauty tools”. Skip the endless anti-aging lotions and sculpt the skin you want!

Fraicheur Facial Ice Globes

5. FRAÎCHEUR Facial Ice Globes

The all-in-one refresher! Rated a whopping 4.9/5 stars, FRAÎCHEUR Facial Ice Globes do everything from diminishing eye puffiness to relieving sinus pressure to plumping the skin. The Ice Globes cool and calm redness, enhance circulation, and leave you with a brightened, refreshed complexion. Keep in your freezer and use right after your daily morning skincare routine for optimal results. As confirmed by Sarah Jossel in STYLE Magazine, “These promise to zing and tingle and wake up your peepers, no matter how much sleep you miss”.

Are you ready to make a change and love the results? Keep this list handy come the holidays or your birthday, you’ll be glad you did 😉

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