GiftBuster User Guide

Preview of the Magic of GiftBuster:

  • Create personal shopping wishlists by saving items from online stores to the Giftbuster app.
  • Create multiple wishlists for different recipients (your kids, spouse, parents, friends, etc.), so all your gift-shopping is organized and in one place.
  • Use as a gift registry with friends and family. Whatever the occasion, they’ll know exactly what you’d like.
  • Find gift ideas, follow trends, and get promos and deals from your favorite brands.

App Features


Your Feed displays updates and activity from friends.

The Ideas tab displays recommendations based on the categories you selected upon registration.


Search for specific brands or items.

Browse Categories for shopping trends, popular products, and gift ideas.


Keep an eye out for Promos on your favorite brands.

Receive reminders about friends’ upcoming Birthdays!


Displays your wishlists.

Create a wishlist by selecting (+) next to Reservations.

Select Options tab (upper right corner) to share your profile, edit settings, or find friends.


When gift shopping, create separate wishlists for yourself and each of your recipients, keeping your shopping and gift ideas organized.

To prioritize your favorite item, select the item, select edit (pen icon), turn on Make item TOP of your wishlist, and Save.

When creating a wishlist, turn on Private if you’d like to keep the items secret. Friends and followers cannot view private wishlists.

Product Page

Includes price and product description of an item accessed within the GiftBuster app.

To add an item to a wishlist, select the save/bookmark icon.

Select the wishlist to which you’d like the item to save.

Price Tracker

The prices of items on your wishlists are automatically updated if they change. You always know exactly how much an item costs.

To add an item to a Wishlist


Access the item on the online store.
Select the share icon.

Select GiftBuster. The GiftBuster app will open automatically.

Select the Wishlist to which you’d like the item to save.
Select Add Item.


Access item on online store.
Copy the link/URL.

On the GiftBuster app, select the red (+) at bottom of your profile, then select Add Manually.

Paste the URL, and enter title and price.

Select the wishlist in which the item will save. Select Add Item.

To Follow & Connect with Friends:

From your profile, select the options tab in upper right corner.

Select Find Friends.

Search for friends by first and last name. Double-check their birthday to be sure it’s them.

Select Follow.

If a friend doesn’t have a smartphone, they can still view your profile on a desktop computer, without having to create a GiftBuster account.

From your profile, select the options tab in upper right corner. Select Share profile link. Send the link to your friend through email (recommended).

To use GiftBuster as a Gift Registry:

First, make sure you follow your gift recipient’s profile, so you can view their wishlists.

The gift recipient creates a wishlist exclusively for their special occasion.

From your friend’s profile, select the wishlist for the occasion. Then select and reserve the item you’d like to give.

Your friend receives what they’d actually like–no guessing, returns, or re-gifting! 🙂

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