Best Halloween costumes for 2022

One of the best parts about having a Halloween party or asking people over to watch scary movies is Halloween costumes. The most iconic Halloween costumes from films, TV, and pop culture have become increasingly stylish over the years, oftentimes even projecting onto the latest trends like Gossip Girl, Mean Girls, Game of Thrones, and the most recent House of Dragons.

If you are looking for last-minute, classic, or trendy costumes, we made a list of trendy adult costumes to have fun and scare up some good times with your friends, family, or strangers in the Halloween parade. Here is your guide to all the best Halloween costumes for 2022:

Medusa Queen  Costume


Let us start our list with the vintage costume, Medusa queen! Many women love the Medusa outfit, not only because it is sexy but because you can practically wear your hair in any style. For instance, you could wear your hair up in a messy bun, curling your hair as you go or adding curling rollers and letting the hair fall to your shoulders. Top this off with the famous Medusa snake Tiara and you are all set to go!

Usually, Medusa is seen wearing colors dark green, black, and red. Have a dark Halloween with this classic costume and don’t forget to complete the costume with makeup.

Winifred Sanderson costume 

No one’s going to defy you this Halloween when you dress up in this Winifred Sanderson Costume. This dark green velvet-like dress is the most gorgeous costume with purple fabric layers and gold-colored foil designs.

This spooky Halloween costume will have you looking like the eldest Sanderson Sister and cast a curse on anyone who defies you. Cause trouble in the town wearing the eldest Sanderson sister costume and have fun with friends and family.

Scarlet Witch costume

Who does not like the Scarlet Witch from the multiverse of madness? Many of us might have already decided that this should be the next Halloween costume. The deep red long-sleeve printed shirt gives the costume an armor structure and the mask completes the look.

Seize the Dark hold with the Scarlet Witch Adult Costume!

Harley Quinn Costume

When you wear the Batman Arkham City Harley Quinn Women’s Adult Costume, everything is trouble and mischief. The details of the costume are a faux leather corset-like vest, choker, gloves, and pants with a belt. The costume is officially licensed from the Batman Arkham City video game.

If you are a fan of Batman, this costume is for you!

Nadja Vampire costume

If you are bored with the traditional vampire look, this costume is for you! This is Satin Nadja’s costume from What We Do in the Shadows. The dark colors and dramatic sleeves are perfect, making you look like a vampire and a classic Halloween costume. While you can’t be a real vampire, you can dress up in your own dark vampire costume. It’s suitable for Halloween, castle festivals party, themed parties, cosplay costumes, drama performances, on the stage, etc. To make the look more realistic, pair it up with a wig and bow tie.

Most of the parties have themes like animals, classics, princess costumes, group costumes, etc. Even if you are late for the Halloween party, there’s always a way to turn up your inside spookiness. Wear spooky makeup or make your own DIY costume.

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