Mindful Healing – Healing Adornment

If you don’t mind going an extra mile and taking that one additional step that will further your endeavors in leading a happy and peaceful life, then this category of Mindful Healing will surely hold your interest!
We have covered the aspects –  physical activity and nutrition in our previuos blogs ,now its time to talk about what we like to call – “Healing Adornments”, the ornaments/accessories that help to bring positivity in your life along with other health benefits.
The adornments not only take care of your inner well being but they enhance your outer beauty too!! Isn’t that a lovely bonus?!




The history of Rudraksha is very rich in spirituality, originating from the Hindu deity Shiva. Scriptures say that, once he opened his eyes after 1000 years of meditation, Shiva’s tears fell to the ground and birthed the Rudraksha tree. The fruits that grow from this tree are known as Rudraksha beads. With such a sacred beginning, these beads are known for their ability to enhance mindfulness and holistic healing,thus helping those who wear them to reach and maintain a sense of calmness, a very important thing in our stressful society.

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2)Copper Ring


The use of copper rings goes back farther than you may expect – evidence shows that in as early as 800 BC, they were worn as bracelets for their extensive healing benefits. An Ancient Egyptian medical book cited them as beneficial for chest wounds. Today, they are used for holistic healing, considered in some respects to help with arthritis and iron deficiency. Copper itself has also been seen as a valuable jewelry item since 2500 BC, being used to craft headwear and clothing.

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Gemstones are a natural product of Earth that have approximately 200 known varieties today. Many are very scarce and valuable, selling at thousands of dollars per carat. Their origin in human society dates back to sixteenth century B.C; Greeks, Romans, and Egyptians put faith in
the gemstones’ transcendental abilities. The softest gemstone on Earth is amber, and the hardest is the very recognizable diamond. Gemstones (worn based on one’s birth chart) are said to naturally enhance the energies of the body to bring about positive changes in one’s life. It is also believed that they ward off evil and have healing properties.

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The “Healing Adornments” sure can be an integral part of your Healing process. A little trust goes a long way when it comes to these beautiful accessories! Hope this was a refreshing and useful suggestion list for you. 

Do let us know your thoughts on them!

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